Condominium & Homeowners Association General Counsel

•   Association Incorporation Process
•   Declaration, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations – Creation, Review & Revision
•   Board Authority and Corporate Governance Issues
•   Governing Document Enforcement and Interpretation
•   Compliance with Federal and State Fair Housing Laws
•   Contract Review and Negotiation
•   Loan Document Review and Attorney Opinion Letters
•   Dispute Resolution

We are dedicated to counseling our association clients in ways that minimize costs, conflict and confusion while finding practical solutions whenever possible to resolve disputes. We provide boards and managers with the knowledge and confidence needed to lead the communities they serve. Our guidance and advocacy covers every area of the law that relates to community associations.


Our Association Collections Services

•   Developing an Association Collection Policy
•   Demand Letters, Liens & Payment Plans
•   Obtaining and Enforcing Judgments 
•   Foreclosure Procedures

•   Protecting Associations when Owners File Bankruptcy

We assist our clients with not only collection of unpaid homeowner assessments, but to prevent delinquencies in the first place.  We work with associations to apply processes that educate owners regarding their obligations and the potential consequences of failing to meet them. We recognize that, because the non-paying owner is also a neighbor, the collection of assessment debt requires a finessed and professional approach. When diplomacy fails, we take strong legal action to protect our clients’ rights and interests. Our collection services include:

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation Services

• Undisclosed Concealed Defects

• Boundary Line Disputes

• Commercial Leases

• Purchase and Sale Agreements

• Fraudulent Misrepresentation Disputes

• Easement Issues

• Contract Negotiation

• Homeowners Association Disputes

We provide real estate transactional support to our clients, including review of purchase and sale agreements, leases and loan agreements. When litigation is required, our firm of experienced attorneys are dedicated to serving our clients by providing counseling and legal expertise to business owners, homeowners, and individuals involved in real estate matters.  We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:


Judgment Enforcement 

If you hold a money judgment against another party and are not sure how to go about collecting, we can help you track down assets, lien and foreclose real estate, and facilitate recovery.

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